Z-day Cape Town 2015

The Zeitgeist Movement Cape Town chapter will be hosting a Z-day event on Saturday 14 March 2015 at 4pm. We will be hosting a few speakers, covering topics on sustainability. Seating is limited so please send me an email to let me know if you will be joining us so that we can prepare if numbers exceed the available resources.
Thank you
TZM Cape Town co ordinating team

address: 12 Polaris road Nerissa Estate Lansdowne Cape Town
email: michael@tzmsa.co.za
tel: 0827233780
GPS co ordinates: 33.994 S, 18.515 EGPS co ordinates: 33.994 S, 18.515 E

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2 comments on “Z-day Cape Town 2015
  1. tsen tsen says:

    The time is now more than ever. Those that take and those that need, whom have been deprived of the knowledge and opportunity to take for even the most primitive factors of survival, have reached breaking point. The manufactured disparities between classes, races and non-existant differences of the human race, are now firing flares for the victory lap. Ying&Yang have finally voided their inherent principles.

  2. Thanks for the ideas you shared

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