My drop in the ocean

David Mitchell
“My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”

― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

In order to bring about effective change, we need a collective onslaught against old paradigms, ritualistic and religious beliefs that have been used to manipulate and enslave humankind with a disregard to other creatures and our environment. I educate myself and others while doing something practical to change the world. My lecture theatre is my lounge and sometimes my vegetable garden. I mostly educate myself but from time to time people cross my path and I have the opportunity to plant a seed so to speak. Sometimes I get to water it but mostly I hope that it will germinate and sprout a revolution.


Banksy fertile
Starting my revolution from the ground up. Actually from below the ground if you take into account that Im making my own compost. I reused old coffee tins to collect all vegetable scraps and fruit peels and I collect grass clippings from neighbours. After a few weeks I have a heap of compost aka black gold aka ‘gun powder’ with which to arm my revolution.

I didnt know that purple cauliflower existed. Colonising my yard and my mind since December 2014
purple cauliflower

Cabbages looking awesome.


Every week a group of volunteers get together after spending the week getting donations of clothes and ingredients for a soup kitchen organised by for Phumlani informal settlement in Lotus River Cape Town
Whenever TZMSA Cape Town has an event, we encourage attendees to bring along a donation for Ephemera’s Food share project. We create a master blend of veggie soup thats nutritious and wholesome. For R350 we make 70L of soup and serve approxiately 500g portions of soup plus 2 slices of bread to 100 people which amounts to R3,50 per portion and that includes the gas used for fuel
pot of soup
Next phase in our war strategy is to start vegetable gardens wherever there’s a piece of unused ground in Phumlani.




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