An empty plate


At the book launch of An Empty Plate by Dr Tracy Ledger in the Phillipi Horticultural area in Cape Town I got to hear about the current state of affairs with regard to the state of health of the most vulnerble in South Africa where it comes to nutrition and how industry is more focussed on the bottom line. The figures quoted for malnutrtion and mortality rates due to the lack of access to good nutrition is staggering and unacceptable. Dr Tracy highlights that children are the most affected by this problem in our society. This lack of nutrition or bad nutrition in children affects their cognitive abilities and their learning process and eventually leads to obesity and diabetes later in life.
This form of structural violence against the most vulnerable in our society is unacceptable and needs to be curbed and eradicated. YOU need to get more involved and do something about it.
You can purchase a copy of the book from Nazeer Sonday who is involved with the PHA campaign a water rights issue in Cape Town.

EDUCATE YOURSELF and then educate those around you.

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