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On Tuesday evening 15 November Tony Budden from hosted a screening of the documentary called Bringing it Home.

Some interesting facts were gleened from this free educational (#feesmustfall) screening. For those that dont know, Hemp or industrial hemp and marijuana are plants from the same cannabis family like cousins with different charateristics.

Lets start with the infamous cousin, marijuana which contains a high, excuse the pun, level of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is the principle psychoactive constituent. Industrial hemp on the other hand has more Cannabidiol or CBD which has a wide range of medical applications. Other uses of industrial hemp include, building materials, wall plaster, rope, clothing, rope, paper and the list goes on. The seeds are also a great source of protein. All this from a weed that grows virtually anywhere in the world. Check out Tony’s shop in Westlake.

Currently the major produces of industrial hemp are China, Great Britain and Canada. South Africa arguably has the most ideal conditions for growing this plant but old laws still prevail. Although just recently there has been a shift in thinking. Medical cannabis with a prescription is on the cards as early as April 2017 which is a step on the right direction.

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