Water is LIFE

At Vegkop farm in Schaapkraal road, the Phillipi Horticultural Area Food and Farming Campaign co hosted an expert panel discussion to highlight the importance of the Phillipi Horticultural Area (PHA) and the aquifer beneath it. It was an extremely informative session based on science and anecdotal evidence. Nazeer Sonday, a farmer and campaign chairperson is on a mission to prove the importance of eco agriculture to reduce dependence on chemical fertilisers and to regenerate and increase soil fertility through natural methods. His goal is also to use drip irrigation on his farm which would go a long way to help preserve water as this would greatly reduce the amount of water used on the farm. If water is life then this fight to save and preserve our natural resources is of utmost importance to all. A victory in the PHA will ensure that no other community will go through the same struggle to preserve the environment and their livelihood.


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