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In all Seriousness Podcast #4 Blockchain

Speaking truth to power

The system in South Africa and the reat of the world is toxic. Most people are looking at repairing it but we need to redesign it. A discussion on the corrupt system in South Africa

How the actual magic money tree works

How the actual magic money tree works Shock data shows that most MPs do not know how money is created. Responding to a survey commissioned by Positive Money just before the June election, 85% were unaware that new money was

What is UBI in a SA context?

A discussion on UBI from a USA perspective.

Economic Apartheid

Inequality kills Income inequality linked to inequality of life spans for first time High income inequality has been linked to inequality of longevity by new research from the London School of Economics and Politics and Political Science (LSE) and the

Peter Joseph & Abby Martin on Abolishing Capitalism

To be in a stratified system is against well being and public health. If you want to reduce violence in society, reduce inequality.

Protecting the COMMONS

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Professor Lesley Green statement made on 2Aug17 to the Standing Committee on Agri, Tourism and Economic Development AUGUST 8 · CUSTOM “My name is Lesley Green I am a Professor in social sciences at the University of Cape Town. I

What is Capitalism


The New Human Rights Movement reinventing the economy to end oppression by Peter Joseph Society is broken. We can design our way to a better one. In our interconnected world, self-interest and social-interest are rapidly becoming indistinguishable. If current negative