Author: Michael Julie

Water is LIFE

At Vegkop farm in Schaapkraal road, the Phillipi Horticultural Area Food and Farming Campaign co hosted an expert panel discussion to highlight the importance of the Phillipi Horticultural Area (PHA) and the aquifer beneath it. It was an extremely informative

Enter The Dragon

ENTER THE DRAGON of the capitalist system. The dragon that’s putting people out of work and adding to the total unemployed statistic. However in a Natural Law Resource Based Economy such as proposed by Jacque Fresco from the Venus Project,

Psychology of changing minds and behaviour by Dr Mel at Z-day London 2016

The make up of Eskoms electricity supply to South Africa Coal Power – 34,952MW Eskom has 13 coal-fired power stations which produce the majority of the country’s power –34,952MW. South Africa has access to cheap coal, but burning coal produces

The trial of the plant

On Tuesday evening 15 November Tony Budden from hosted a screening of the documentary called Bringing it Home. Some interesting facts were gleened from this free educational (#feesmustfall) screening. For those that dont know, Hemp or industrial hemp and

An empty plate

At the book launch of An Empty Plate by Dr Tracy Ledger in the Phillipi Horticultural area in Cape Town I got to hear about the current state of affairs with regard to the state of health of the most

Fighting cancer with KNOWLEDGE.

I recently attended a talk by Dr Janey Little and facilitated by Aimee Eveleigh from about the misconceptions of cancer, the main stream methods used to ‘cure’ it and the so called ‘alternative’ natural methods available. The group

Internet at x200 the speed.

Solutions to our problems

TROM is a project that aims to showcase in detail the root causes of most of today’s problems and proposes realistic solutions to solve those problems. Website:

Why bother?

The question recently asked by someone that is following the international site and has been visiting our site in SA. Well Hayden the challenge is to start a chapter in your area educate yourself and those around you about matters