Z-Day 2013 – LA Event

5th Annual “Zeitgeist Day”, 2013 Main Event, held in Los Angeles CA on March 17th. This sold out event was broadcast live online and was mirrored by sympathetic events in over 50 countries.


Z-Day 2013 – London Event


Z-Day 2013 – Vancouver Virtual Online Event


Democracy, technocracy, the free market or the scientific method for social concern?

TZM Italy’s Frederico Pistono attempts to show how the various forms of government and decision making work, what their advantages and problems are.


Z-Day 2012 – Vancouver Event


6 comments on “Lectures
  1. brian says:

    A true revelation of the human species. A very said truth, this is empirical truth about how we were all deceived by trusting religion and politicians, hoping that the was a man who would come to save us! I would like to learn more in person on the movement please hook me with the members around south.

  2. Wayne Mackrill says:

    Is there an active organization in place I can go to learn some more?

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