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Is being a patriot a good thing?

I am a proud South African. Unfortunately, this statement is selective. I am proud to be South African when my country shines on the sports field, and I am not proud when my country stands idly by as politicians mock

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    David Bowman

    Men like Mandela are my last vestige of hope. Yesterday saw a tragic death of 4 Palestinian children who were killed in the crossfire of war... and the world is up in arms while...Also yesterday over 70,000 children died of hunger. The world is silent...2.6 million children alone die annually of hunger and hunger related disease. Everyone's principles and ideals are twisted and distorted by unquantifiable ideological policies that have done nothing but disprove themselves since their inception. Every comment I read in this war ends with "God is on our side" "Allah will protect us" "Christ watches over us" - I think it is safe to note that in the time that Allah, Jesus and God have been watching, protecting and saving, children have continued to die on all sides. These Gods have proven to be impotent delusions of primitive men. Personally, I would rather die through a kidnapping or a bomb blast than die slowly, and starving.All these religious fundamentalists fighting in the name of God, and they have no idea what God is... God is the part inside the human soul that cannot stand to see suffering in any form. God is not one name, but rather God is the sum of the actions of all men, and at the moment, those actions have created a God of Hate and Death... It would take a fraction of the worlds military spend to feed, clothe, house and educate every human on the planet. For the first time in human history, We have the ability to create the proverbial Garden of Eden on earth. Every second that ticks past where we fire a bullet instead of laying a brick is a slight against God... Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hamas, Mossad, black, white, German, Turkish, South African... The stench of a rotting corpse does not discriminate. I am an Atheist and I understand and know God far more prolifically than most men of faith...I too have faith, faith in the human spirit and human potential.This Mandela Day, I pray for global lucidity...I pray that the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power....#mandeladay #time2serve
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