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Is being a patriot a good thing?

I am a proud South African. Unfortunately, this statement is selective. I am proud to be South African when my country shines on the sports field, and I am not proud when my country stands idly by as politicians mock

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  • You have two roles. We want to move towards being a world of leaders and on the other side of the same coin, a world of servants. Everyone has the responsibility to educate themselves as well as those around them. We also need to serve those around us. There is a season to learn, a season to follow, a season to lead and a season to serve.....repeat while you are on earth. It's up to you to know which season you're in. The earth and society needs active citizens.
  • I would just like to welcome those that have liked TZMSA's page in the past month, Keitumetse, Miguel, Ashley, Matime, Gala, Angelo, Jacqueline, Doug, David, Renata, adolf, Michael, Rick and Bongane. Please feel free to engage on the posts and let us know if you find anything interesting related to sustainability.

    She’s 69 And Hasn’t Used Money for 15 Years… And Has Never Been Happier!
    Heidemarie Schwermer, a 69-year-old woman from Germany, gave up using money 15 years ago and says she’s been much happier ever since.

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    We need education and this is why The Zeitgeist Movement exists. People don't know what they want. People still look at this market as though it is a 'free' labor system, with infinite social mobility. That has been the propaganda. If I were in power and I wanted to coerce an entire society and manipulate them to do my biding, to benefit me in an exploitative way, the best thing I can do is to convince them that they are actually free. And that is what the capitalist system has successfully done to the vast majority. So education is the most critical part; is there another alternative? And if people understand the alternative, which is a 'Natural Law Resource based Economy' which the Zeitgeist Movement puts forward, they will begin to see the benefits of that and they can learn about it. As far as the actual transition away from these power consolidations, well.. I'll put it this way: There are more of us, than there are of them. - @[218838871486609:274:Peter Joseph [ Official \]]

  • South Africa’s impressive solar power plants
    South Africa has some of the world s largest solar power plants which are starting to contribute significantly to the electricity grid