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Is being a patriot a good thing?

I am a proud South African. Unfortunately, this statement is selective. I am proud to be South African when my country shines on the sports field, and I am not proud when my country stands idly by as politicians mock

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    TZM works not only to create awareness of such problems and their true root causes (and hence logic for resolution), it also works to express the incredible potential we have, beyond such direct problem solving, to greatly improve the human condition in general, solving problems which, in fact, have not yet even been realized. This is initiated by embracing the very nature of scientific reasoning where the establishment of a near empirical train of thought takes precedence over everything else in importance. A train of thought by which societal organization as a whole can find a more accurate context for sustainability and efficiency on a scale never before seen, through an active recognition (and application) of the scientific method. TZM Defined Book:

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    Photos from Jenny Slack's post in Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein
    For those of you who may be in Cape Town (or know someone there who would be interested in attending), here are details of the Cape Town event organised by SAFCEI and taking place on Thursday, 4 September at UCT. To RSVP or for more info, contact Zainab: ........................................................................... Our present economic system is not overcoming poverty, unemployment, inequality and environmental destruction. On the contrary, it is the driving force behind them. It is urgent that we seek a more just economic system that confronts poverty and inequitable distribution of the planet’s abundant resources, and stems the destruction of nature, our life support system. There is now an emerging movement of thinkers searching for alternatives to our current neo-liberal economic system which is based on perpetual growth. Charles Eisenstein, in his book Sacred Economics, does not call for a revolution, but a transformation of our economics. Central to this is the understanding that we are an integral part of the web of life. Human well-being is dependent on the well-being of the planet. SAFCEI highlights the following: ● Ours is a planet of abundance: we have made it one of scarcity. ● The spirit of Ubuntu should be at the centre of our concerns and goals. ● Growth should be for human development and welfare, not economic wealth. ● Ethical principles, not profits, should guide our decision-making. ● If we value sustainability and well-being over wealth accumulation, people won’t resort to drastic means to survive. ● Recognising spiritual and cultural values enables us to appreciate natural wonders. ● Mechanization and high tech, high energy capital development does people out of jobs. Low carbon, labour intensive employment, industry and investment will overcome poverty, unemployment and inequality. This in turn will help restore the health of the planet, and confront climate change. ● Faith, principles of justice, equity, fairness and compassion can transform the quality of our lives and communities.

    Zuma’s daughter’s top government job: the facts
    At the age of 25 President Jacob Zuma s daughter is the youngest ever ministerial chief of staff. Here are some of the facts