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Z-day Cape Town 2015

The Zeitgeist Movement Cape Town chapter will be hosting a Z-day event on Saturday 14 March 2015 at 4pm. We will be hosting a few speakers, covering topics on sustainability. Seating is limited so please send me an email to

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Cape Town beach clean up

I joined the Cape Town beach cleanup group at Eden on the Bay Saturday morning 7 June at 10 am. We were given gloves and a bag and asked to pick up any rubbish on the beach especially the plastic

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Z-Day 2014 | Cape Town

We will be watching a series of thought provoking videos promoting  the move to a Resource Based Economy to realise a new train of thought. This is a free event. The address is 11 Poaris road, Lansdowne, Cape Town Lat: -33.991567

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