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Is being a patriot a good thing?

I am a proud South African. Unfortunately, this statement is selective. I am proud to be South African when my country shines on the sports field, and I am not proud when my country stands idly by as politicians mock

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    3 Boys Farm, Award-winning Organic & Hydroponic Vegetable Growers

    3 Boys Farm, owned and operated by Robert Tornello and located in Ruskin, on the west coast of sunny Florida, USA, is an amazing farm that combines the best ...
  • A demonstrator who wears a red scarf covering her month, imprinted with the ruling Workers' Party acronym, and lines in her country's national colors drawn on her face to symbolize a stream of tears, takes part in a protest march demanding the impeachment of re-elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, over an alleged scheme of corruption that siphoned money from the state-owned oil company Petrobras, in Brasilia, Brazil, Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014. Federal police on Friday sharply expanded what is becoming Brazil's biggest political kickback scandal, arresting top construction company executives and detaining another former director of the state-run energy company Petrobras.

  • 12-Year Old Child Reveals One Of The Best Kept Secrets In The World
    It’s a truly incredible time we live in. Think back to all the amazing revolutions we’ve learned about in history. There’s been some amazing changes that have taken place and the implications of people standing up and doing something different has been huge. After all it led us to where we are today…
  • This maglev train is only the beginning of this technology.

    Train fans experience maglev speed
    Super-fast train reaches the eye-watering speed of 500km/h (311mph) during test run in central Japan.